Dennis Batchelor, MBA

Today’s real estate market can be tough for buyers and sellers alike. One of the few real estate brokers with an MBA and a technology background, Dennis Batchelor not only understands the financial and legal requirements intrinsic to the real estate market, but can explain them to his clients in a way that helps them make wise choices. And he loves to teach smart home buying and selling tips as much as he enjoys helping his clients make great deals.

He ensures that his sellers obtain the best combination of price and timing through marketing and planning. With buyers, he uses his honest negotiating tactics to get the best deal possible. His colleagues in associated businesses, such as mortgage brokers and title companies, routinely comment on how thoroughly Dennis completes and organizes all the paperwork required.

He is passionate about helping investors, homeowners, and prospective homeowners alike understand how their home can be an investment tool, whether the goal is to build a retirement plan through selling and buying rental properties, or to start with an initial home purchase to live in and a plan to build wealth through real estate in the future. His clients learn from his wealth of knowledge in the industry.

Teaching the business of home investment is what drew Dennis back into real estate full time. After an eight year hiatus, he returned to real estate in the summer of 2016, with Longmont as his home base. Between 2004 when he first started in real estate, and currently, Dennis happily worked at a string of start-up companies, with a smattering of real estate transactions in between. He is thrilled to be back full time supporting real estate clients.

For Dennis, real estate is in his blood. Literally. He learned the ins and outs of the business of rentals from his grandparents starting as a young child and continuing as an adult with his own investment properties. In addition, he has four years of experience in the short-term rental world, specifically hosting Airbnb guests from all over the world.

In his free time Dennis enjoys running, alpine skiing, serving at his church, hiking with his wife Ellen and his dog Zaac, traveling around the world, and tinkering with electronics.