Nesting Rock Properties

A nest is a home, a place of safety and self expression. Choosing a nest is more than just a real estate transaction. Choosing your nest is more than merely buying or selling a building. You’re investing a piece of yourself and your family and transacting large sums of money — your nest egg. With so much at stake, it’s important to land a great deal. It’s imperative to feel that the home you purchase expresses your values, needs and desires for you and your family. You need to trust that you’ve earned the most money possible on your sale.

Our Nesting Rock brokers have a bird’s eye view on the real estate market. We’re experienced in sales and customer service. We take you under our wing, close our beaks and listen well. We help our clients match their needs and their desires with the best possible home. Our goal is to put you in a dream, not just a house. We want you to walk away from a sale with a smile, not a squawk. We never want you to suffer from buyer’s (or seller’s) remorse. We want to help you keep your nest and nest egg safe.

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We will help you to make wise decisions from your initial visit until after you get the keys to your new home.

The Nesting Rock brokers are experienced, successful businesspeople with MBAs, that is, masters degrees in business. This means that our training and experience shine in all aspects of real estate transactions. We don’t just parrot what others say; we truly understand the financial and contractual fundamentals of your deal (even though we’re not attorneys). We can provide the understanding that will help you to make wise decisions from your initial visit with us until after you get the keys to your new home.

Our flock includes some of the best in the business from our community. As needed, we’ll provide lists of financial experts, title companies, home inspectors, building experts such as structural engineers, repair vendors and other smart birds, when you need them, as you need them.

Here at Nesting Rock we love to teach smart home purchase and sales tips as much as we enjoy helping our clients eagle-eye great deals. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or downsize, or this your very first home transaction, we want to help you build your nest and your nest egg, in the way that uniquely expresses your style and makes you sing.

In addition to our business expertise, we use the latest technologies in the real estate business to make your transaction as seamless as possible. We’ll set up automated home searches, so you’ll get the latest opportunities delivered to your email (or text) as soon as homes that meet your criteria are available. To save trees for our feathered friends, we will send paperwork to sign electronically, whenever it’s legal to do so. And we’ll provide other reports such as home showing reports electronically, as you wish.

New in 2019, Nesting Rock also offers property management services. If you’re not ready to sell, or want to diversify your portfolio with rental properties, we take the headaches out of the process. We focus on smaller properties, not mega-plexes and manage them as though they were our own.

Nesting Rock Properties was formed in 2016 when Dennis Batchelor, the primary broker, renewed a focus full time on real estate; however, his experience reaches back to 2003, when he began helping buyers and sellers of homes in Colorado’s Northern Front Range.

Colorado mountains.

Both Nesting Rock brokers perch in Longmont, but that’s not all they know about Colorado. Dennis began his real estate career in Fort Collins, and as a result is fully acquainted with the back roads and byways of that town and the communities throughout Larimer County. In addition, he worked closely with clients in Greeley, and is familiar with most of the towns in Weld County. Because Longmont is home to Nesting Rock Properties as well, Dennis is very familiar with all of the neighborhoods in town and the surrounding communities of Lyons, Mead, Firestone, Frederick, Erie, Lafayette and the rest of Boulder County, and  parts of Adams county.

Daniel and his family happily call Longmont home now, but they lived in Denver starting in 2004 (and ran a successful business there). As such, Daniel knows the neighborhoods in Denver County and surrounding communities and is happy to serve clients in those areas as well as in Longmont.

As we  all know, a home purchase is not like buying a pair of shoes that easily can be returned the next day. It’s more like buying a car, (except you could trade a car in the next day with a much lower financial downside). On the buyer side, we will help you find and tour the house that’s right for you. Our goal is for you to never suffer from buyer’s remorse when the deal is done. We want the same thing for our sellers. We want you to feel confident that you made the best deal possible when you sell your home.

It’s easy to work with us. The first step is to contact a Nesting Rock broker by phone, email or text (or you can just stop by and say “hello” at a Nesting Rock open house). For sellers, we’ll start with a tour of your home and a discussion, including to understand your needs and goals. For buyers, we’ll meet together and look at some properties from the Multiple Listing Service.

If you’re looking for help managing rental properties you own, we make that easy as well. For details on how to get started, check out the property management page on Daniel’s website.

We’ll also provide a purchase prep sheet so you can help figure out more specifically what  your interests and requirements are for a home. There is no obligation to work with us after the initial chat. We want you to feel as confident with us, your broker, as you will be with the deals that you transact through us.

Dennis Batchelor, MBA

Today’s real estate market can be tough for buyers and sellers alike. One of the few real estate brokers with an MBA and a technology background, Dennis Batchelor not only understands the financial and contractual requirements intrinsic to the real estate market, but can explain them to his clients in a way that helps them make wise choices. And he loves to teach smart home buying and selling tips as much as he enjoys helping his clients make great deals.

Dennis at his godson’s kindergarten graduation ceremony.

He ensures that his sellers obtain the best combination of price and timing through markting and planning. With buyers, he uses his honest negotiating tactics to get the best deal possible. His colleagues in associated businesses, such as mortgage brokers and title companies, routinely comment on how thoroughly Dennis completes and organizes all the paperwork required. He is passionate about helping investors, homeowners, and prospective homeowners alike understand how their home can be an investment tool, whether the goal is to build a retirement plan through selling and buying rental properties, or to start with an initial home purchase to live in and a plan to build wealth through real estate in the future. His clients learn from his wealth of knowledge in the industry.

Finishing well brings Dennis great joy.
Dennis enjoys all forms of skiing, especially when Ellen joins him.

Teaching the business of home investment is what drew Dennis back into real estate full time. After an eight year hiatus, he returned to real estate in the summer of 2016, with Longmont as his home base. Between 2004 when he first started in real estate, and currently, Dennis happily worked at a string of start-up companies, with a smattering of real estate transactions in between. He is thrilled to be back full time supporting real estate clients.

For Dennis, real estate is in his blood. Literally. He learned the ins and outs of the business of rentals from his grandparents starting as a young child and continuing as an adult with his own investment properties. In addition, he has four years of experience in the short-term rental world, specifically hosting Airbnb guests from all over the world.

Dennis is confident in many situations, whether it’s ziplining (as pictured here, in Montana), or helping clients to close a deal.

In his free time Dennis enjoys running, alpine skiing, serving at his church, hiking with his wife Ellen and his dog Zaac, traveling around the world, and tinkering with electronics.

Zaac loves to play fetch with Dennis

Daniel Kuhlman, MBA

It’s difficult enough to buy and sell real estate in Colorado’s face-paced market. Daniel Kuhlman thinks you shouldn’t also have to worry about whether your broker understands your goals and fully supports you through every step of the process. In addition to helping clients buy and sell real estate, Daniel oversees investment properties for clients with the same care he provides for his own home.

Daniel receives the most satisfaction when he uncovers his client’s core needs, as well as the “wants” or desires, all by just asking the right questions. The house has to fit the client. It has to work well; after all, you’re going to nest there not just look at it.

Daniel is focused when he’s “at bat.”

Most of Daniel’s life has inadvertently prepared him to become a real estate broker and property manager. In his early career he built and managed income properties in New York’s Hudson River Valley. His later corporate experience included increasingly successful, MBA-inspired sales and business growth.

Daniel views properties with a depth and richness of experience he essentially inherited. Both of his parents were visual artists. His dad was elected to the Art Directors Hall of Fame for his work as a graphic artist and photographer, and his mom was an interior book designer. This gave him an intrinsic understanding of the two-dimensional view, but that wasn’t enough for him.

After renovating a 150-year-old farmhouse, he realized he liked the three-dimensional view best. He literally knocked the foundation out from under an old barn, then re-stabilized the structure and turned it into a duplex. He finds fulfillment in designing and creating things that are simultaneously functional and beautiful.

In 2006, Daniel built a new business for himself. Literally. He designed and built two wine bars, that he and his wife, Kristel, successfully managed for seven years. In 2018, he re-created the home he bought in Longmont. His work included a total kitchen re-build, including cabinets he designed and built himself. The kitchen features a Sky Chef cart, like those used by flight attendants to serve refreshments.

Daniel’s world travels brought him in close contact with all kinds of unusual circumstances.

With all this hands-on experience, he can walk into a house and quickly see its optimal floor plan and how to achieve it, its strong points and its flaws, as well as how to help clients see how to make it theirs — or not. 

In 2013, before moving to Longmont, Daniel and his family lived and traveled in Belgium, France and Germany. They also traveled Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Now they’re thoroughly enjoying all Longmont has to offer: its small-town feel, accessibility to outdoor activities and good restaurants, brilliant biking and walking paths, and a great school (and Pokémon tournaments) for their son, Gustave.

Assistant Scoutmaster

In addition to his work, Daniel is an Assistant Scoutmaster, head coach of a 14U youth baseball team, and a member of American Legion Post 32 and the 82nd Airborne Association Rocky Mountain Chapter. His hobbies include camping, cooking, muscle cars (especially GTO’s and Firebirds), woodworking. He is just getting into triathlons.